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Our Story

Our Story

We're inspired by the world

And so the adventure begins… Packing your bags and leave to the other side of the world to discover yourself, get a sneak peek in the lives of the locals, tasting the local food and dancing the night away in a city’s hidden night club. Not to run away from everyday life or as a kind of addiction, but because the world is so infinitely inspiring.

Our collection starts life while exploring countries all over the world and is a mix of signature looks inspired by classics and far-off places meshing basics with unique fabrics and patterns. 

Tevansta is a Dutch brand, it’s created for you, by us. Every single piece is created with love, full of passion and has its own story. We want to deliver pieces that feel timeless and will last.

Sustainably minded

We work tirelessly to increase our use of eco-friendly materials and ethical practices, to lighten our footprint and better our planet. We foster close relationships with our artisans and manufacturers, sourcing and designing our own unique collection pieces. 

We want you to enjoy our collection to the max and we believe in timeless designs that are easily maintained and will work for years to come. When possible, we produce made-to-order pieces to minimize waste.

The Journey

A journey that began as a dream ever since she was a little girl, Tess’s dream turned into reality after opening her first store in Mechelen, Belgium.

From the beginning the intention was clear, to represent an inspiring and creative space full of carefully curated and handcrafted pieces from near and far.

We always want to do our best to include pieces in our collection that are as sustainable as possible, which is why our own collection, from design idea to sampling and production, is ever-expanding.

We can’t wait for you to share this journey with you and create memories, laugh and live in Tevansta.



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