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Travel Guide – Antwerp

Travel Guide - Antwerp

Antwerp, oh Antwerp! The city of fashion, delicious waffles and admirable architecture. Not entirely unexpected that this city is so loved by us. We have been part of a few events in Antwerp now and we are in love with the so called “diamond capital”. A city that has so much to offer that making a single hit-list is quite a challenge. As Belgians are known as true Burgundians, our ‘do-not-miss’ list is a mix of classics and new hotspots where you can shop, eat and sleep. Enjoy!


With the arrival of Relais & Châteaux FRANQ, Antwerp has gained a new, luxurious boutique hotel and gastronomic restaurant. A stone’s throw away from the Cathedral of Our Lady and the Meir, FRANQ exudes a mix of historic charm and contemporary urban chic. Relaxing after a day full of impressions is best done here.


Get lost in the medieval cellar of Roji, the French-Japanese restaurant that serves the best hamachi, soba, osazu and sake and taste the best sushi in the heart of historic Antwerp. In Japanese, “Roji” means the path of stones that leads to the tearoom. There, you chill by a charming fireplace while enjoying your favorite exotic dish.


At this photogenic bakery you can enjoy a real afternoon delight of crispy baguettes and buns, creamy croissants, tasty cakes and pies. From cakes with rhubarb to sweet brioches with salmon, this pink hotspot established itself a formidable reputation.

Zalig in Antwerpen

The names says it all; it is wonderful to be at Zalig in Antwerp. If you are planning to travel to the Belgian city with friends or family, stay in one of the four-storey homes that can be rented for up to ten people. Although the premises are located in the heart of the city with the Fashion Museum around the corner, they have been designed to stay inside and enjoy their luxurious living spaces.


Hümm, the hummus bar with hummus as the hero of dishes is one of Antwerp’s favorite lunch bars. From silky chickpea pasta and pumpkin hummus to the classic variant, every dish is organic and served in a beautiful setting. An absolute must in the city.


Overlooking the Museum of Fine Arts, Pilar is not to be missed. Inspired by Moroccan and Scandinavian influences, the hotel rooms and restaurant are as admirable as the view. Be sure to try the Gravad Lax Tartar in the Foodbar. Delicious!

Graanmarkt 13

Is it a store, a restaurant or an apartment? If you look at the perfectly cured Instagram account of the hotspot, you see that all the good things in the world end up in one place. The building of which each floor channeling its own aesthetic, houses a restaurant, a concept store and one of the most unimaginable design apartments where you can spend the night.


Barchel is not just a coffee bar like any other. Think delicious coffee blends, milk foams and unusual tea. The sesame on the morning bagel and the syrup on the tasty pancakes. A lot of daylight and an urban feel make for an interior covered in marble, subway tiles and comfortable chairs where you can relax for hours.


Some say that Tinsel serves the best breakfast in town and what more could we ask for? Touches of Navajo and wooden details mark the cafe, where you can enjoy your morning coffee and flaky croissant near the water. They open at 8.30 am, which makes it the perfect spot for early birds.

The Recollection

Perhaps one of the most alluring concept stores in Antwerp, The Recollection offers unique collection of home wear, beauty products, fashion and lifestyle items. We can get lost for hours…


A smoothie-bowl bar for your healthy cravings, Divers prepares a mouthwatering range of cold pressed juices and out-of-this-world smoothies. Perfect for some Instagram worth pics, if that is what you are after. All food is freshly made and organic.

Labels Inc.

Antwerp’s favorite fashion consignment shop that offers a healthy dose of second-hand chic, though their edgy aesthetic primarily focuses on menswear. The shop hosts an innovative window installation celebrating the fashion department at the famed design school.

Bar Burbure

A spicy cocktail should not be missed during your city trip. Bar Burbure serves original cocktails in a cozy, metropolitan styled bar in the Antwerp museum district. The cool hotspot also offers a fine selection of liqueurs, cognacs and whiskeys for the real connoisseur.  

Have any favorites we need to add to this list? Let us know in the comments and we will check them out the next time we are there!

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