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Spring/Summer 20 Colors – Ice Cream Shades

Spring/Summer 20 Colors - Ice Cream Shades

Which shades will color your spring and summer? Pantone has highlighted a dozen hues, from fiery reds to not so mellow yellows. The choice is yours.

Pastel Yellows

Something a hair paler than lemon yellow, this soft sunlight yellow keeps its presence on the runway. 

The official Pantone color: Sunlight 13-0822

How to wear it: A soft hue that is in line with the classic spring pastels we all love, do not be afraid to dress head-to-toe in sunlight. Match with contrasting shades to prevent the ensemble from looking to washed out. 


Rich Marigolds

Not quite orange, not quite gold, this saffron shade adds some flavorful brilliance and is the definition of wearing an optimistic color.

The official Pantone color: Saffron 14-1064

How to wear it: A great way to brighten up any outfit, finish off a simple shade scheme with a rich marigold accessory. 


Cherry reds

Bold, bright, warm and energetic, this fiery ready hue exudes confidence.

The official Pantone color: Flame Scarlet 18-1662

How to wear it: Go big or go home by choosing a red item rekindling the pleasure of being a real eye-catcher when it comes to your outfit. 


Aqua-esque Greens

Exuding a resort feel, this cool and refreshing aqua shade is connected to cleaning waters.

The official Pantone color: Biscay Green 15-5718

How to wear it: Get packed for a resort-side rendezvous and pick lightweight, vacation-ready pieces. Pair with light, neutral tones like beige and ecru for a beautiful balance. 


Army Greens

A classic green autumn tint, this deep green hue carries anything within the olive-to-army-green range.

The official Pantone color: Chive 19-0323

How to wear it: A brilliant green you can rely on if you want to look good, opting for deep green suiting will never fail you. Feel free to mix it up with a chive-green peek-a-boo detail. 


Bright Oranges

A tasteful tang, this orange peel hue is similarly packed with flavor.

The official Pantone color: Orange Peel 16-1359

How to wear it: This season’s most daring hue, there is not wrong way to wear it. If you are looking to just dip your toes (or fingers) into the color, though, we recommend pairing the orange hue with denim. 


Muted Corals

A warm and welcoming grace, this pretty-pink-borders on peach is expected to become this season’s new neutral.

The official Pantone color: Coral Pink 14-1318

How to wear it: Did not have enough time to try out Pantone’s 2019 color of the year? Then rejoice, we expect this hue to become the new neutral. 

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