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Ceramic Mame Spoon

Everyday table setting gets an extra sprinkling of Japanese style with our Ceramic Mame Spoon. A little round spoon with a narrow unglazed handle and…

Le Bouquet Tea Pot

A tea pot with soft, elegant curves, our Le Bouquet Tea Pot reminds us of Alice In Wonderland. The charming energy of a tea party,…

Ceramic Flower Bowl Peony Grande

A flower-shaped Japanese bowl, our Ceramic Flower Bowl Peony Grande makes a striking addition to any tabletop curation. Its outline is key to set a…

Seashell Bowl Petite

A small Japanese bowl for side dishes, our Seashell Bowl Petite is the perfect accompaniment in your tabletop curation. Available in white, this petite vessel is…

Ceramic Plate Blossom

A flower-shaped Japanese dish, inspired by the Japanese national flower, our Ceramic Plate Blossom makes a striking addition to any tabletop curation. Its outline is…

Ceramic Flower Trinket Dish Petite

A small decorative plate, our Ceramic Flower Trinket Dish Petite with puffed up petal detail looks like it is blooming right from your table. A…

Coconut Bowl

This Coconut Bowl, made of the coconut’s shell guarding the tasty fruit and milk, is handcrafted in India and transformed into a beautiful addition to…

Ceramic Frosted Cup Saucer Set

There is no greater gesture of love than making that special someone a nice hot cuppa, unless you also serve it in our wonderful Ceramic Frosted…

Serving Tray Gold

Every morning has a golden touch – no matter how rough your night has been, with the first rays of sunlight kicking in everything looks…

Marble Coaster Lemon

Add a splash of sparkle to the coffee table (or your dining table desk!) with our Marble Coaster Lemon edged in brass. Elegant yet practical,…

Mother Of Pearl Moon Phase Dish

The perfect decoration to keep your precious items, our Mother Of Pearl Moon Phase Dish is a textured dish that gives your space a magical…

Porcelain Spoon Kuba

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Try resisting another scoop when your food is served with our Porcelain Spoon Kuba. An eco-friendly must-have in every home, it might just be too…

Tadelakt Fruit Bowl Baja

Fruit is not just good to eat, it is a perfect way to add a pop of color and personality to your kitchen, especially if…

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