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Nostalgic Gingerbread House Decoration

Our Nostalgic Gingerbread House Decoration pays homage to the time-honored gingerbread tradition with a touch of delicate zari craftsmanship. Adorned with woven zari threads and…

Christmas Sweater Felt Decoration

Accented with hear-warming hues, our Christmas Sweater Felt Decoration is a delightful homage to the beloved holiday tradition of cozy and festive sweaters. Made with…

Yoga Sloth Felt Decoration

Stretch your way to the top of the tree with our peaceful Yoga Sloth Felt Decoration this Christmas. Whether you are a full-time yogi or…

Sleeping Deer Felt Decoration

Christmas is not complete without a mid-day snooze. This cute Sleeping Deer Felt Decoration features our favorite woodland deer tucked up in a tartan sleeping…

Cozy Penguin Felt Decoration

Our Cozy Penguin Felt Decoration is a heartwarming addition to your holiday decor and brings the charm of winter wonderland right into your home. Made…

Gingerbread Decoration

Nobody can resist a bit of fairytale magic. Discover a special sparkle for your tree with our Gingerbread Decoration. Handmade using a traditional Indian embroidery…

Cozy Mouse Felt Decoration

Capture the innocence and playfulness of the festive season with our Cozy Mouse Felt Decoration. Crafted from felt, this cozy character is complete with its…

Bandana Dog Felt Decoration

The sweetest dog for your Christmas tree, our Bandana Dog Felt Decoration is adorable in every way. Crafted from soft felt, this friendly puppy features…

Vintage Fleur D’Orange Champagne Glass

Unique Vintage Fleur D’Orange Champagne Glass, an aesthetic piece that elevates your toasting experience to new heights. Mouth blown with a hand painted design of…

Hand Painted Scarlet Flower Candle

Candles have always been popular for adding a sense of coziness to a room. Our Hand Painted Scarlet Flower Candle is perfect for adding a…

Hand Painted Heart Candle

Candles have always been popular for adding a sense of coziness to a room. Our Hand Painted Heart Candle is perfect for adding a little…

Vase Lipstick

Our red Vase Lipstick in a soft rounded shape is worthy of fresh flower arrangements. Make your space feel like a personal oasis with a…

Glass Bottle Terra

Looking for a classier way to show off your latest liquor tastes in style? Whether you are the consummate connoisseur or simply a casual sipper,…

Glass Candle Holder Terra

Looking for a stylish way to revamp your home decor? Our Glass Candle Holder Terra sparks up your room and lends an interesting edge. Perfectly…

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