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Moonlight – We All Shine On…

Moonlight - We All Shine On...

“And like the moon, we

must go through phases

of emptiness to feel

full again.”


Our Moonlight Jewel Collection explores and celebrates the ever so bright side of the moon with accessories sparkling with amethyst, aquamarine, quartz crystal, aventurine, rose quartz and zirconia, accented with gold. 

The moon has inspired stories since the first of us looked up at the sky and saw its cratered face. Our lunar neighbour literally moves with us. No matter where you are, the moon is always there. 

Personally, we never look at the moon without dreaming. As the famous saying goes, the moon never beams without giving dreams…

The combination of gemstones and pendants in this collection, a series of dreamy inspired imagery, represent that there is always a glow to keep your dreams alive. 

Moonlight is inspired by dreaming of faraway places and intricately hand crafted by locals in Greece and Indonesia. 

Moonlight - We All Shine On...

A mix of 24k Gold Vermeil, these brilliant, bright jewels are dazzling and perfectly emphasized against anything from crisp white shirting to a cocktail dress; An exquisite addition to any jewel wardrobe. 

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