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Japanese Delicacy – Delightful Tableware With An Artisan Touch

Japanese Delicacy - Delightful Tableware With An Artisan Touch

“Meals are Delightful. We are designing tableware we never get tired of, tableware with which we appreciate our meals to the fullest, tableware that makes us want to cook delicious meals every day.” 

Ceramic Bowl Blossom

Since 1950, Marumitsu, a Japanese pottery, has been making tableware that is diverse in choice of material and utilizes both traditional and modern techniques. With the belief that function is at the heart of design, local potters bring high-quality, artisanal touch to their collection, as well as unique French flair. Located in Seto, Aichi, Japan, a place which is home to the kilns with the longest production history in Japan, Marumitsu embraces exquisite craftsmanship.

Flower Plate Petite

Our Japanese tableware selection follows a floral theme, inspired by the Japanese national flower: the chrysanthemum (kiku) along with the cherry blossom (sakura). The gorgeous flower-shaped cups, plates and bowls brighten up any table by calling attention to itself with beautiful streaks of petals extending towards it center. Finished in a beautiful glaze, each petal is carved by hand with precision. Perfect for serving any homemade dish, this selection carries a unique combination of sophistication, craftsmanship and durability. 

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Le Bouquet Flower Cup Saucer Set

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